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Discover How To Easily Flip, Wholesale, And Invest In Mobile Homes Without All The Hassles, Problems, And Loans Like Home Flipping (and as quick as 30 days or less)


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The ONLY Mobile Home Investing and Mobile Home Park Course You'll EVER Need (AND it's Not EVEN close)...




The Mobile Home Wealth Academy is the complete step-by-step guide to make your dream of becoming a real estate investor without the same traditional challenges and nuances of single family homes. 


No more months of complicated repairs, then even more months waiting to sell as with traditional home flipping...


No more guesswork or taking blind risks...


Now you’ll know EXACTLY what, when, and how to do it.


We take you by the hand to flip your first mobile home.


This is the easiest and least competitive real estate opportunity out there today.


Less Competition. More Opportunity.


Lower Cost Per Unit: Investing in mobile homes is way more financially realistic and can allow you to acquire more homes for a lot less money.⠀


Lower Cost For Repairs: The rehab and maintenance of mobile homes is generally MUCH less of a hassle than traditional single-family homes. ⠀


The Demand is High: More Americans are looking to achieve their dream of home ownership and financial freedom. Mobile homes can make that a reality!


Unlike home-flipping, taught by so many “experts”, in seminars (and TV shows) with rooms full of people teaching everyone the same thing, and competing with everyone in the same city (making the chance to succeed much harder).

Good Returns With Less Risk

Mobile home and mobile home park investing allows you to skip a majority of the hassle's of single family real estate and historically the mobile home industry performs even better during economic downturns and recessions. 

Less Competition

You don't have to be an experienced investor or real estate expert to excel and make big profits with mobile homes. Alot less competition than single family homes meaning no more fighting over deals with minimal returns. 

Immediate Demand

Affordable housing needs serve about 60 million Americans and this is THE most affordable option. You always will have eager buyers and renters lined up with less effort compared to other real estate. No more waiting months to get a return on your investment. 

The Only Step By Step Course You'll Need to Succeed Today

We have the only course you'll ever need to be successful in mobile home investing. Period. Ready to easily learn the business, we have you covered.

OVER 32 HOURS of step by step content (and growing), MORE than ALL other mobile home or park courses COMBINED!

Learn the Maverick Method

The Secret Blueprint to Time and Wealth Freedom. No more wasting time, energy, resources hopping to succeed. We have you covered.

I carry an extensive real estate background starting very early growing up... 

My father was a general contractor for over 80 custom homes, including being selected as a “preferred home builder” by Inland Real Estate (one of the nation’s largest commercial real estate and finance organizations). 
My father taught me everything he knew from completing over 30 house flips, owning multi-family apartment buildings, 3 mobile home parks, and running 2 residential real estate brokerage offices…
This environment led me to incredible experiences and accomplishments like... 
  • Previously served as the President of the Midwest for Yale Realty and Capital Advisors! (Which Yale has completed over $2 Billion in closed mobile home park brokerage transactions)
  • Principal at Midwest Park Capital! (an 8-figure mobile home park real estate Fund)
  • Selected by Habitat for Humanity Youth Board as one of the TOP social media influencers in Chicago, and attended the Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives at Harvard Law School!
  • ​Mentioned in national real estate articles including Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and local Chicago media! 
  • ​A chosen member of the Forbes Real Estate Council (invite-only to senior leaders in real estate) 
  • ​And also 1 of 12 selected to speak on the main stage at the Manufactured Housing Institute National Congress and Expo 2020 in Las Vegas (the biggest mobile home park industry event). The event Included speakers like Dr. Ben Carson (former Presidential Candidate) currently the National Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and Warren Buffet's, Clayton Homes CEO (billion dollar company and the largest mobile home manufacturer)
  • Interviewed on over 30 MAJOR real estate podcasts - Including The Mobile Home Park Lawyer, Real Estate Espresso, Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate, House Dudes, Fail Fast, Wealth Matters, Investor Fuse 80/20 Real Estate, Real Estate Investing Club, CashFlow 2 Freedom, and more...

Kevin O'Leary (Mr. Wonderful)

Businessman, author, politician, and television personality talking about the Mobile Home Wealth Academy.


THE Best Mobile Home Flipping Course On The Market! And It’s Not Even Close...


Let me explain why...
The Mobile Home Wealth Academy takes you by the hand and teaches you how to flip mobile homes for creating passive income! 
NONE Of The Following Required: 
  •  Experience in real estate 
  •  A real estate license (woohoo!)
  •  Down payments 
  •  Good credit
  • ​​Bank and loan approval
  • ​ Tedious hidden repairs that come with traditional homes
  • ​ Long stressful process of talking with bankers, or lenders, brokers etc.
  • And more!

Mobile Home Wealth Academy is like 3 courses in one PLUS how to protect your wealth. Over 32 hours and growing of video content, most courses are between 6-10 hours and are not even remotely close to level of in-depth content.

Plus every single state rules and regulations, legal contracts, how to raise capital and I encourage you to price out ALL of these courses that ONLY teach how to raise capital, which is included in the Mobile Home Wealth Academy.

What is included which NO OTHER mobile home or mobile home park course includes in this one step by step course:

1. Mobile Home Investing

2. Mobile Home Park Investing

3. How To Raise Capital

4. How To Protect Your Wealth

This will save you, years of the learning curve and additionally there are many industry thought leaders on this course giving exclusive insight information. This is for those looking to take action and want a one stop top level resource and not have to buy 3-4 separate courses, or spend a couple years learning, hiring numerous mentors and want to get right to the point. We have you covered, THOUGH you have to be committed and take action. 



Loaded With OVER 32 HOURS of Step by Step Wealth Creation Skills and Easy to Learn Video Modules

The Ultimate Wealth Creating Bundle!


Flipping Mobile Homes Is A Much Easier, Less Competitive Way To Get Into Real Estate Investing...

With little or no money down! 
Mobile homes are typically very cheap to buy in the first place (we’ll even reveal the secret method to show you how to get mobile homes for FREE!) 
AND you’ll also help solve the affordable housing crisis in America! 
So not only are you making a nice profit with little financial risk, but you’re also providing families with an affordable quality home! 
You don’t need a loan from the bank, or a good credit score to get started... 
You can start buying older mobile homes RIGHT NOW for little over $1k! 
We’ll show you how to flip contracts with no money out of your pocket — just straight profits right to YOU!
Plus, mobile homes typically sell FAST due to the HUGE DEMAND for affordable housing in America (huge demand and low supply — we show you step-by-step how to flip the quick and easy way!)
Many deals are found on Facebook or Craigslist and it’s even easier to sell online (with ZERO ad spend, we will show these secrets)
You’ll NEVER need a license, or have to hire a sleazy real estate broker to sell (More profits and less headaches!) 
Simply put,
This is a LOW-RISK HIGH-REWARD real estate opportunity, and the best bang-for-your-buck with GREAT returns on your time and investment! 


Are You Ready For A Change (and actually take action...)

The Best Mobile Home Flipping, Wholesaling, And Investing Course On The Market. And It’s Not Even Close... To qualify you have to earn atleast $60k a year.

#1 Mobile Home Course Ever Created

With OVER 32 plus hours of step-by-step valuable video content taught by mobile home industry thought leaders. All other mobile home courses out there are ONLY 4 hours to 12 hours each. Meaning Mobile Home Wealth Academy covers EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

No More Guessing

Whether you are a newbie real estate investor or a seasoned real estate investor this course has you covered. From step by step teaching you how to build business credit, to advanced LLC structures that even seasoned real estate investors can learn from.  And for beginners the most comprehensive step-by-step videos including walk-throughs of flips deals we did, to show how to easily use Facebook ads, to building buyer lists automatically, to every contract you would ever need AND every single state title rules, to a private Facebook group to ask questions, to even a cost and evaluation calculators. Even if you are new to real estate, after this course you will be on your way while saving years on the learning curve.

Learn How To Acquire Your First Mobile Home Park

The ONLY mobile home course that gives you all you need to get your first mobile home park (even without any of your own money) including all contracts, comprehensive due diligence, even the list of every mobile home park in America. NO OTHER course gives away this and actually most would charge you for another course... This course is designed to change your life.

Join Our Movement...

We Show You The Fastest And Easiest Way

To Eliminate The Learning Curve, Saving You Years Of Time

To Create Passive Income In Recession Resilient Real Estate

Because Now, Thanks To The Mobile Home Wealth Academy...



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To qualify you have to earn atleast $60k a year. Learn The Maverick Method- The secret blueprint to time and wealth freedom from mobile home & mobile home park investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t matter what your experience is…

If you’re looking for a low-risk opportunity in real estate to potentially earn an extra $5-15k per month flipping mobile homes with no previous experience and little to no money down…
This is for you!
You don’t need a real estate license…
You don’t need a loan from the bank…
And you don’t need a good credit score…
All you need is a computer or cell phone with an internet connection! 
It really is that simple!

To qualify you need to earn atleast $60k a year. 


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Ready For Your Best Year In 2024!

Learn The Maverick Method- The secret blueprint to time and wealth freedom from mobile home investing. Over 32 hours of high level content. To Qualify You Must Earn Over $60k A Year.