Why Investing In Mobile Homes Is Real Estate's Best Kept Secret

Mobile homes have often been overlooked by a majority of real estate investors as they pursue single family homes. As you have probably seen on the many single family flipping shows there can be many hidden surprises that even the experts didn’t account for. It takes usually 10-20% down and with the average single family home in America right now that’s $30k-60k down (average home is selling over $300k in 2021) just for the home NOT even including doing any remodeling which you can expect another $30k-100k you have to come up with. Plus, typically you have to use a bank which they expect a 700 plus credit score typically or a high-interest loan (11-18%) from hard money lenders. Not even waiting 2-6 months to potentially collect your money back and paying a real estate broker.


But are there other options that are easier, less money, less competition? That is where mobile home investing comes in. The best part is your helping to provide quality affordable housing to...

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